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My Teaching Philosophy

I practice an engaging and adaptive style of teaching that focuses on creating a positive experience for everyone involved. I am comfortable teaching in formal settings such as schools and laboratories, but specialize in spontaneous experiential education - using academic theory to explain the wondrous things around us. I strongly believe that education should be accessible by, and enjoyable for, people of all ages, abilities, and cultures, and actively work to host an inclusive and safe space.

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In addition to organizing a team of 10-20 Lecturers to deliver a robust and engaging onboard program to our guests, and supporting our international research collaborations, I also host sessions on a number of topics.

I champion the topics of Plankton Ecology, Oceanography, Fjord Systems, Benthic Communities, Sea and Glacial Ice Dynamics, Black & Grizzly Bears, Salmon Forests, Climate Change & Sustainability, and Modern Scientific Research. 

I also facilitate our Citizen Science program onboard and host our ´Science Boat´ (pictured right) in which we go out and sample for FjordPhyto in Antarctica and explore the underworld water with our Blueye Drone all around the world.

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I have a deep passion for integrating meaningful scientific education with tourism experiences. The experiential nature of ecotourism provides the ideal situation to share the principles and practicalities of biology, oceanography, geomorphology, natural resource management, and so much more! 

Aurora hunting with guests in Northern Norway was a perfect time to educate about atmospheric layers, astronomy, glacial impact on the landscape, ecosystem adaptations to polar seasons, fjord ecology and hydrography, and answer the endless questions raised by guests.

I also have international experience SCUBA dive guiding through with I have developed by ability to identify the interest areas of dive guests and provide meaningful content tailored to each individual group. Why fish are more colourful in the tropics than further north? What is coral bleaching? What do you see underwater in the far North? Is the climate crisis really impacting our oceans?

Come diving with me and find out!

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In addition to conference presentations and internal lectures I make a conscious effort to do outreach because science is for everyone! 

I am in the process of turning my Master's thesis into a children's story book. The story book will teach children and the adults who read to them the basic principals of fjord ecology and seasonality while showcasing the wondrous world of zooplankton. The book will eventually be available in English and Norwegian.

I have also given presentations to primary school classes in person and via video chat about life in the Arctic, marine biology, and the Northern Lights.

I gave a very well received Pecha Kucha style presentation at a conference side-event open to the general public in which I distilled the major research questions of my research group into a 'horror story' from the perspective of a herring. You can watch it at the link below. 

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Science and Education Coordinator

  • MS Roald Amundsen/ Hurtigruten Expeditions / Antarctica & Alaska ( 2021-Present)

Night Photography Instructor

  • Wandering Owl Tour Operator / Tromsø, Norway (2018-2019)

Substitute Teacher – Kindergarten to Grade 12

  • Dept. of Education / Yukon Territorial Government / Canada (2015-2016)

Substitute Teacher, Youth Service Worker – In-Facility Education for Incarcerated Youth

  • Dept. of Health and Social Services / Yukon Territorial Government / Canada (2015-2016)

Laboratory Teaching Assistant – Weather and Climate, Introduction to Physical Geography

  • Dept. of Geography and Environment / Mount Allison University / Canada (2012-2015)

Laboratory Teaching Assistant – Animal Biology

  • Dept. of Biology / Mount Allison University / Canada (2013-2015)

Tutor – Resource Communities and Multinational Corporations

  • Dept. of Geography and Environment / Mount Allison University / Canada (2014-2015)

After School Program Leader

  • Salem Elementary School and Marshview Middle School / Canada (2013-2015)

PADI SCUBA Divemaster

  • Alton’s Dive Centre / Honduras (2011)

Emergency First Responder Instructor

  • Canadian Red Cross and PADI/Canada (2011)

Educator: Services
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